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The highest point in Mexico flies the flag of Mota-Engil

31 March 2011 No Comment

Ricardo Almeida, co-director of the administrative and financial department of CAPEXA – Constructora Autopista Perote Xalapa, reached the summit of the Orizaba Volcano, the third highest peak on the North American continent, on the 6th of March at 09:40 local time. In a mixture of emotions ranging from adrenaline to joy at the achievement of climbing such a high mountain, Ricardo displayed Mota-Engil’s flag to convey the Group’s ambition in Mexico. The ascension took eight hours and forty minutes, with the climb down taking four and a half hours, all with the help of Alfredo Lefozy, the guide who proved indispensable throughout the climb. A heavy backpack and necessary equipment wasn’t all Ricardo carried with him to the summit. The economist felt the weight of hours of training and adaptation to climate and conditions, but was spurred on by the encouragement of his colleagues at Mota-Engil Engineering and from Isolux-Corsan, who also participate in the consortium.  Ricardo revealed that carrying Mota-Engil’s flag was part of his plan from day one, the company playing such an important part in his life, and that this climbing taught him to value the environment even more. “I’ll never forget the beauty of the first rays of sun falling upon a glacier at 5000 metres! It is a treasure we have to help preserve as we’ll never be able to recreate it. At a personal level this experience translates into enrichment and valorisation of everything that is dear to us. It’s also a renewal of the power of believing that we are actually able to overcome our limitations.”