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29 July 2011 No Comment

Mrs Isaura

There is no one who works or has worked at Linda-a-Velha office who doesn’t know Mrs Isaura. Despite being already retired, this charismatic lady has continued to work at Mota-Engil with great dedication until now.

Being 77 years old (yes, 77!), of which 42 years were spent working in the company, Mrs Isaura brings us biscuits, tea and coffee every day in organised serving carts, but she also provides support to meetings and training, saying that “there’s no shortage of work”.

In a recent interview with Corporate TV, she stated that she loves her job and that, as long as she would be allowed to, she would be very pleased to go on with her tasks, because “I feel good in my pace and I am still full of pep.” However, life is full of surprises and the time has come to finally enjoy her retirement.

She will take along intense memories with her, including the years in which she was considered Miss Friendliness (three times), when she won the second prize of fado singer or when she performed with artists in a fado house after a dinner. There are many good things lived within the company, but it is the many people met there, and with whom she interacted for a long or short time, that she will carry in her heart.

Mrs Isaura, just a few words that are probably common to the employees of Linda-a-Velha: Thank you so much! Not only for the care of what you brought in the serving carts, but also for your smile in the morning, for your concern and for the brief chat that we all had with you. Kisses from all of us and we hope that life will still give you many joyful moments.