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Prevention regarding Occupational Health and Safety in 2010

16 March 2011 No Comment

The 2010 results about accidents at work at Mota-Engil Engenharia are already available. About 10565 hours of safety training have been received; 145 accidents occurred and 5 major accidents have been reported (death or serious physical injury, or any case with particular seriousness in terms of safety). 48 safety audits and 779 safety committees meetings have been carried out. The most usual kind of injury is the wound. Hands are the most exposed, followed by the lower limbs. Among the most concerned professions stand the building worker and the helper/unskilled labour. Wednesdays and months of March and April are accident prone. In a general message, Ismael Gaspar said that Prevention regarding Occupational Health and Safety “is essential, being part of the company’s policy and values, and is monitored through a performance indicator established in the Balance Scorecard, (…)“. The Chairman of the Board of Directors has also warned about the “importance of the full taking over of the duties and responsibilities of all in the scope of the occupational health and safety, since this fact is decisive to obtain positive results (…)”.