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PORTUGAL: Sustainable technology applied in Metrópolis and Torre Ocidente

1 June 2011 No Comment

In the issue of this month devoted to Trends & Efficiencies, where sustainability is an integral part, the ImobiliárioOJE magazine refers to two projects that bears the imprint of Mota-Engil Engenharia: Project Metrópolis and Torre Ocidente. In the first case, where the company is in charge of the structure, deep foundations and topometry, ecologically clean and certified coating materials will be used, as well as energy sustainable construction systems, namely: integration of large shade panels so as to reduce sun exposure of the south-facing façades and to minimise the energy cost of the building; use of low consumption and automated control lighting systems; construction of façades with ventilated systems in order to optimise the thermal performance of the interior; and use of high performance and low power consumption HVAC systems. The Torre Ocidente, which is in turn one of the most recent references with regard to the optimisation of resources and the reduction of energy consumption, uses the most advanced technology, thus contributing to a more sustainable environment. Among the main technical solutions are the double glazing façades with low emission external tempered glass, with a low 0.23 sun factor and a 1.6 U-coefficient. The lighting was not forgotten, since the use of T5 fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts, equipped with prismatic diffuser, allows a greater light dispersion, making it suitable for the use of computers since it reduces glare. The range of technological resources is immense, and even water saving hasn’t been forgotten. The reduction in water consumption reaches about 4.9 million litres per year through the result of the use of automatic managing and flow controlling tabs, as well as dual flush system.