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PORTUGAL: Pilot experiment in specialised training in Geotechnics

30 June 2011 No Comment

Further to the exploration of an joint idea of ​​the Geotechnics Department and the Soils and Rocks Mechanics Technical Department of Mota-Engil Engenharia, in collaboration with the Geosciences Department of the University of Aveiro, a pilot experiment of training was carried out for the purpose of testing the training efficiency resulting from the combination of university students and specialised staff of the company. The initiative, carried out in the 2nd semester of the present academic year, is based on the development of an evolutionary multimedia tool – the e-Manual, whose purpose is to be a basic element for the performance and interpretation of these tests and, at the same time, to allow keeping it up to date based on the experiment of each user. The training has included theoretical phases (mapping the state of the art) and experimental phases (performing tests pre-installed inside the experimental chamber RESOIL, built under the NSRF programme). It has proved to be a success with the development of five chapters of the e- Manual, associated with these tests: SPT, DPSH, PLT, FVT, DMT, CPT(U) and PMT.