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PORTUGAL: New siTEC – website of construction technology knowledge

1 September 2011 No Comment

The new siTEC – website of Construction Technology Knowledge at Mota-Engil Engenharia – will soon be launched. The purpose remains the same: to help keep the technical memory of Mota-Engil Engenharia, organising libraries of technical knowledge, facilitating research, directing technicians and engineers to identify useful lessons and information for their area of ​​expertise. Version 2 of siTEC is intended to be a channel of technology information transfer, fostering a technical, curious and informed culture, on two levels: from external sources on the progress of the construction industry, civil engineering; and from internal sources about challenges, experiences and learning from our works and technical services. Later this year, information and technical knowledge such as Work Reports, Technical Studies, Lessons Learned, Pathology Files, Risk List, Best Practices, New Technologies, Technical Press, Standards, Regulations… shall be easily accessible, better sorted and related to areas of technical expertise. It will also be a support tool for the implementation of Risk Analysis and Planning of Construction Activities in our works.
The motto of siTEC remains: “Knowing, Monitoring and Sharing”.