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PORTUGAL: Mota-Engil Engenharia builds road sections for Ascendi

1 September 2011 No Comment

In the scope of the road concessions “Norte” and “Costa de Prata”, Ascendi has awarded to Mota-Engil Engenharia the pavement improvement of six sections. The subsections concerned from the concession “Norte” are: Ave/Guimarães Oeste (A7), Junction of Apúlia/Junction to EN205 road (A11) e Junction of Braga (Ferreiros)/Junction of ring road and Junction of Braga (Ferreiros)/EN103 road (A11). From the concession “Costa da Prata”, the awarded sections are: Miramar/Maceda (A29); Madalena/Coimbrões (A44); Junction A29/ER 1.18; Junction of Miramar (A29); and Junction to IP1 (A20). The following measures are adopted in order to improve the pavements: reforming and replacement of damaged pavement; pavement crack and crevice sealing; application of fibreglass grid; execution of a new final layer of the pavement in draining bituminous concrete; replacement of the damaged expansion joints in engineering structures; replacement and repair of drainage parts; replacement and repair of automatic traffic meters; and replenishment of road marking. These operations involve the application of some 80,000 tons of bituminous mixtures and are scheduled for completion this year in October and exceed 8.6 million euros.