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PORTUGAL: LABC provides training to analysts through e-learning

1 September 2011 No Comment

Over the last few years, the Central Laboratory (LABC) has promoted the implementation of professional development strategies for Laboratory Analysts of Mota-Engil Engenharia. E-learning is a major part of these courses and sets out to facilitate and accelerate learning, contributing to the career development process of the laboratory analyst. This strategy started in the scope of the Link.ME project with the creation and testing of two prototype modules. To date, the LABC team has developed 10 e-learning modules, available for use on on.me portal, allowing analysts, at this early stage, to develop skills in performing laboratory tests on soils, aggregates and concrete. In a context of continuous evolution of standards and legal requirements, the e-learning dynamic provides speed to the process of learning and skills certification of the Laboratory Analysts in order to perform laboratory tests and in situ. The system allows each analyst to perform, at workplace, the theoretical training through appealing compelling multimedia content and supporting documentation. When this part is completed successfully, it provides access to the practical training, which is supervised by a Lead Analyst, who finally allows the analyst to obtain the Certificate of Testing Competence. Learning content and the implemented multimedia dynamic are made exclusively with LABC internal skills and know-how, and have the valuable support of elements from the Technology Department. The benefits of implementing this training methodology at Mota-Engil Engenharia are clear and ensure skills upgrading and continuous learning process for a Laboratory Analyst at very low cost. In this stage, the modules will be available only for the Portuguese market. In the short/medium term, it is expected to extend this solution for other geographic areas where the company operates, with the presence of laboratory analysts.