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PORTUGAL: Earthworks and transverse drainage in Lot 2 of Pinhal Interior

28 April 2011 No Comment

In the biggest road project of the ambitious package of concessions issued by the public portuguese road company Estradas de Portugal, Mota-Engil Engenharia takes forward earthworks and transverse drainage in the section North Avelar/Condeixa of IC3 road, corresponding to Lot 2 of the Pinhal Interior Concession. Amounting to more than 54 million euros, this section will have a length of 16.1 km, continuing the IC3 – South Avelar/North Avelar road and being continued by the IC 3 – Condeixa/Coimbra (IP3/IC2 ) road section. In this specific contract are included two new trumpet interchanges (Penela and the EN342), three viaducts and two bridges. The project also includes the construction of 21 common engineering structures (eight overpasses, five underpasses, six passages for farm machinery and two culverts). Overall, the work included in Lot 2 are: earthworks; drainage; paving; ancillary Works; signalling and safety equipment; common engineering structures; special engineering structures; and affected services. In addition to this contract, Mota-Engil Engenharia is also in charge of the execution of Lots 3 (IC3 – Condeixa/Coimbra [IP3/IC2]); 4 (IC3 – South Avelar/North Avelar); 7 (IC8 – Proença-a-Nova/Perdigão); 9 (EN238 – Cernache do Bonjardim/Sertã [IC8]); 10 (EN238 – Sertã/Oleiros); 13 (IC8 – Pombal/Ansião); 16 (EN2 – Vila do Rei/Sertã [IC8]); 17 (EN238 – Ferreira do Zêzere/Cernache do Bonjardim); 19 (IC8 – Pombal/Carriço [A17]); 21 (IC8 – Sertã/Proença-a-Nova); and 22 (EN2 – Vila de Rei/Abrantes). The total cost of the work of the 12 lots amounts to over 410 million euros, with the biggest share belonging to the special engineering structures (252 million euros) and general work (about 163.5 million euros). The Pinhal Interior Concession covers 22 municipalities in four districts and 567 km, 173 of which refer to the construction of new sections, 80 having a motorway profile. The project also includes 134 km of roads to rehabilitate, including the bypass road of Tomar (IC3), the IC8 sections between Pombal and Ansião and between Pedrógão Grande and Sertã. It also integrates the maintenance and further exploration of 259 km of roads already in operation. Among the relevant quantities of this work stand out the 16,547 m of bridges and viaducts, 78 and 85 overpasses and underpasses respectively, 2256 m of tunnels, 44 million m3 of Excavation/Landfills, almost 2 million tons of tout-venant (crusher run aggregate), about 1.5 million tons of bituminous paving and 685 thousand m of drains (ditches).