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PORTUGAL: Douro Interior – Lot 7: Changing Launching Beam between V2 and V1 viaducts

15 May 2011 No Comment

The route between the Viaduct 2 (V2) and the Viaduct 1 (V1) of the IC5 road section (between Pombal road junction and IP2), a part of Lot 7 in the Douro Interior concession was completed successfully. The Launching Beam (LB) used 34 supports, progressing 62 m per day, according to plan. The success in this operation was due to the close cooperation and involvement of employees of the production team at the worksite, the equipment direction and the technical bureau. For the construction of the decks of both viaducts, the building process foreseen was using a movable scaffolding system. In this way, the MORREIRA LB (PERI) was used. Given the time available, and in accordance with the general planning of the work, once the V2 decks were constructed, there was the need to move, by its own means, the LB to V1 along the platform of the track in a length of 1428 m. The choice of this methodology, rather than a traditional solution of disassembling, resulted in a deadline reduction of about one month, with obvious advantages in optimising existing resources at work and in anticipating the availability of equipment for future use.