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PORTUGAL: NTMSR publishes experimental work on neural networks

30 June 2011 No Comment

Further to the development of the project RESOIL (NSRF), the NTMSR (Soils and Rocks Mechanics Technical Department) of Mota-Engil Engenharia has implemented measures with the purpose of boosting the use of mathematical tools in the analysis of the geotechnical behaviour of earth mass and rock mass, which led to an experimental work based on neural networks. Taking advantage of the huge amount of numerical information available on the company and enriched with the possibility of using an international database associated with the DMT test (provided by Prof. Silvano Marchetti, Universitá di l’Áquila), a (pioneering) pilot experiment was made for the evaluation of the distortion module (G0), in order to assess the potential for using neural networks in predicting behaviours of earth mass and rock mass. The quality of the work led to the publication of the article “G0 prediction using Neural Networks: The Marchetti’s Dilatometer Case” in the 12th Engineering Applications of Neural Networks Conference and in Springer, a prestigious scientific journal that integrates the Web of Science (the main regulator of the quality in the scientific publications).