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PORTUGAL: Ambiente_Douro Interior selects mushrooms for the start of an initiative

30 June 2011 No Comment

Mushrooms were the topic selected by the Ambiente_Douro Interior to start, in May, a set of thematic disclosures under the scope of the International Year of Forests 2011. The initiative intended to increase awareness of these simple structure fungi, having no roots, leaves or flowers, which play a balancing role in our ecosystem. Mushrooms are useful for the roots of the trees, as they decompose organic matter from dead organisms, promoting the recycling of nutrients into the soil. We may find them in many types of habitats, but the forest is the place where we find them more often and with diversity. Given their importance, and in order to preserve them for more years, the essential techniques for a sustainable harvest are picking them carefully from their base when they reach maturity and carrying them in baskets. Do not pick up very mature or rotten mushrooms, or any other that give rise to concerns in their identification, and do not destroy inedible species: these are other imperative rules for the conservation of these fungi.