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PORTUGAL: 2010 MCGD being finalised and 2011 phase already launched

29 July 2011 No Comment

MCGDOne year after the start of the first cycle of performance management at Mota-Engil Engenharia, the assessment of its implementation is positive. In this first roll-out, attended by 761 employees – 143 as appraisers and the 618 as appraisees – the goal was to focus a greater involvement of appraisers/appraisees and a critical analysis of the project results. The Final Assessment Phase relating to 2010 was released this month, and in this sense, the Appraisers are being asked to close the year with some initiatives. In the meantime, the phase which outlines the expectations for 2011 has started. For this period, improvements have been incorporated  and the decision was made to cover most of the employees, with the dual assessment approach: objectives and skills. The main goal of the Performance Management Corporate Model (MCGD in Portuguese initials) is to foster a culture of meritocracy based on clear, objective and transparent criteria of performance differentiation, in order to recognise those who best contribute to the company’s results.