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1st section of Pisão-Beja Pipeline scheduled for July

31 March 2011 No Comment

The first section of the Pisão-Beja pipeline, included in the Project of Multiple Purposes of Alqueva, is planned to be completed by July of this year. Work on the Primary Irrigation System, beginning in July of 2010, will enable the supply of water to the western area of Beja, as well as to Cabeceiras do Roxo, thus feeding about 11,000 ha of irrigated farmland. With the collection of water at the Alvito/Pisão Channel, the pipeline will supply the Álamo Water Tank through a gravity pipe with a total extension of 3100 m. A pumping station shall also be installed near the reservoir, made up by six electro-pump groups, with the capacity to pump a flow of 7460 l/sec up to 46 m, up to the Beringel reservoir. However, we were surprised by its strong historical component: with the initial cleaning and weeding of the site, several archaeological and ethnographical occurrences were identified, and it was concluded that the reservoir and pumping station areas were highly sensitive. With a geographic location favouring settlement thanks to water resources and mild relief, as well as its closeness to the Roman settlement of Beja (Pax Iulia), the area has seen consistent human occupation spanning from prehistoric times until the present day.