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New training opportunities through a protocol with ANQ

14 April 2011 No Comment

Within the scope of “New Opportunities Initiative”, the protocol concluded with the Portuguese Agency for Qualification (ANQ) promotes the qualification levels progress of the Group companies’ employees, facilitating and monitoring the access to devices of school education and vocational training. Registration to this programme is open to all the employees of the Mota-Engil Group companies having less than the 12th grade qualification. Their participation might be oriented towards a 4th, 6th, 9th or 12th grade equivalence, depending on the entry level. In order to reach success with this initiative, it is important that all applications are registered through the HR area / MESP Training (mesp.formacao@mesp.pt) or to inform, when applying, that the registration is made under this protocol, in order to monitor its operation. It is also very important that the colleagues and HR focal points disseminate it to potential applicants, and that the managers encourage and facilitate the participation. The interested parties may find more information about this initiative at the on.me portal – http://onme2.mota-engil.pt/sites/apps/Communities/NovasOportunidades/Paginas/HomePage.aspx – or by contacting the HR officer in charge in their company.