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MOZAMBIQUE: Umbeluzi’s WTP has a new building for abstraction of raw water

1 September 2011 No Comment

ETA do Umbeluzi - IntakeThe visit of the delegation of the “African Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering – Maputo, 18-21 July 2011″ to the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) of Umbeluzi, in Maputo, coincided with the entry into service of the new building for the abstraction of raw water from the river. In this new water abstraction station, the nominal capacity reaches 6900 m3/hour and results from the capture of three pumps of 160 KW with a capacity of 2300 m3/hour each, at a height of 16 m. The two pumping stations of treated water, built under this contract, are completed. After disinfection of the pipes and load testing of pumps and pipeline of 1200 mm, the pumps for enhancing the existing pumping station went into service on August 17. The start of the new WTP 3, able to treat 4000 m3/hour, has already begun, as well as leakage tests of several parts, completion of electrical installation, assembly/calibration of equipment for the determination of chemical content and landscaping. The overall commissioning of these facilities is expected to be completed in September. This contract also includes works on the existing WTP 1 and WTP 2: remodelling operations for maximising the seriously affected nominal capacities, due to the high state of degradation of the components. Negotiations are currently in progress for further works to implement a greater modernisation of the abstraction and pumping stations existing in WTP 1 and WTP 2.