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1 September 2011 No Comment

… or good afternoon! This is how Mota-Engil receptionists answer every day the many phone calls at the offices of Porto and Linda-a-Velha, or Porto Alto site. We are talking about Fátima Rocha and Maria João, Beatriz Simões, and Cândida Esteves, respectively. Beyond the tasks of assisting the public, by telephone and personally, they have in common cheerful mood, friendliness and professionalism. Get to know more about their career path and memories in the company.
According to Fátima Rocha (63 years old), or Dona Fátima as most people know her, there is no other job to which she could identify herself as the one she performs at Mota-Engil for 22 years. “I’ve always liked this task and never thought about another. I fell in love with my work at Quinta da China and then with the people that I still see here in Rego Lameiro”, she says.
The many people she knows, personally or by telephone, is one of the most rewarding features that she highlights in her job, as well as the ability to recognize most of them through their voice, “because we can spend years without talking to this person but the voice has an advantage: it doesn’t age while everything else about us changes! ”
Maria João (46 years old), also in the company for 22 years, recalls her first steps in her career at Mota-Engil: “I started at Varandas do Douro, and then I went to the Rego Lameiro building. There were very few people, but then we grew and grew and today we are what we can see. ”
Among situations that still surprise her, she points out those when she finally knows a person to whom she spoke many times by phone and finds out that the image designed in her mind was fully different from reality. “With the creation of the portal on.me some of these cases were suppressed, but it still happens yet”, she says, amused.
Interestingly, Beatriz Simões (43 years old) is also working at Mota-Engil for 22 years, now at Linda-a-Velha office. She began her career at the A-da-Beja site and later at Porto Alto site (aka EPA in Portugal). She’s fully satisfied about having changed from Porto Alto (EPA site) to Linda-a-Velha, almost three years ago.
“As soon as I learned of the vacancy for Linda-a-Velha, I applied for the job and sometimes I think that it is still a dream to have had this opportunity. I do what I love,” she says, remembering with a natural smile the astonishment of a few employees when they saw her in the new workplace, since they did not know of that change.
In the meantime, Cândida Esteves (39 years old) stands at the reception of Porto Alto site (EPA) for almost three years, and although she works on outsourcing arrangements for Mota-Engil, she states being as much devoted as the above-mentioned colleagues.
“The EPA is a very busy place, so boredom is not part of my reality, quite the reverse. I am fortunate to work in a great simplicity environment and to deal with several people“, says Cândida when summing up her day-to-day work.
Despite having different ages, personalities and lives, Fátima, Maria, Beatriz and Cândida share the taste for the job they perform every day, with a smile!