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Mota-Engil creates a urban and industrial waste company in Mozambique

14 April 2011 No Comment

“Jorge Coelho has informed (…) that Mota-Engil is going to set up a new company in Mozambique for collection and treatment of urban and industrial waste. The announcement of the CEO was made in the Business Roundtable devoted to Mozambique and promoted by the newspaper Negócios.  Jorge Coelho pointed out that Mozambique is “one of the markets that stood out in his company”. As an example, Mota-Engil has already built and rehabilitated 1561 km of roads in that country. He also said that “the growth potential is far away from becoming exhausted”. From the current activity performed in Mozambique, Jorge Coelho stressed the construction of the All Africa Games Village, which will occur this year in Maputo. This work will be completed in less than one year and it is a “challenge” issued by the Mozambican President of the Republic, Armando Guebuza.”

Source: Negócios online, 01/04/2011