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30 June 2011 No Comment

These words belong to Ismael Gaspar, Chairman of Mota-Engil Engenharia e Construção, who follows the motto of the Group in order to share a message of strength, appropriate for the way we should prepare to face the serious crisis plaguing the whole Europe, but also for marking the 65th anniversary of the brand Mota-Engil, celebrated on the 29th of this month.

Portugal stands in a deep crisis and the consequences on the construction sector have reached a worrying level and will get even worse. The construction sector is confronted with the drastic reduction of public and private investment over the coming years and the deadlock of the financial system. Against this gloomy background, Ismael Gaspar says that the construction sector will have to be resized and the companies must inevitably be adapted to the new market reality in Portugal.

“The near future will bring instability and volatility in the domestic market. Therefore, we need to be attentive and, in the case of Mota-Engil Engenharia, the strategy is the unequivocal enhancement of internationalisation,” said the Chairman who refuses to stand still. He warn us that our company needs to adapt its organisation to the new reality imposed by a lower supply of the market in Portugal. “For these reasons, we will have to be very determined to readjust our internal structure in a wise and motivating way, so as to ensure the sustainability and profitability, as well as looking for new markets. We are present in many markets, but we need to invest more in the most profitable ones. ”

Regarding the role of the company in the Group’s development, there is no doubt: besides being the main business area, the Engineering and Construction activity is linked to the success of the Group.

“The history we have by now and that we may contact and see today, either through the book and the film, both named Building a Life, or through the Manuel António da Mota Foundation, recently constituted, can give us a dimension of the importance that the company had, has and will continue to have within the Group. From its founder, we acquired values, we assimilated a culture, but above all the passion and the definite way he had for facing the difficulties and transforming them into opportunities. We are going through a conjuncture in which the company has to surpass itself, since the path is made by walking and the vision and entrepreneurship of Manuel António da Mota guide us. ”

The Chairman, who holds his office with great pride, shares his vision with us: “Today and in the next 65 years, the construction will remain a core business area in the development of our brand. It will have a key role in the Group’s sustainability, which means a huge challenge for young and less young people who will be requested for more availability regarding geographical mobility. ”

Contrary to what it may seem, these are not harsh words, in any way. Before any value judgment, it is an essential reality in order to ensure the status and evolution of our Company. “We have to face the current context and consider it as an opportunity to support and consolidate the perpetuity of the construction area and of the Group itself. After all, We Are what We Do and We will Win this huge challenge! “