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Memorandum of Understanding between Globe Metals & Mining and Mota-Engil

31 March 2011 No Comment

An announcement to the media was made on the 14th March regarding the signing of a memorandum in partnership with Globe Metals & Mining, a company based in Australia but with a focus on African resources. The memorandum deals with the conduction of a study on the technical and economic options for supplying power to the Kanyika Niobium Project. The assessment will be in two parts: assessment of all technical solutions which are available, not limited to diesel and hydraulic power, and assessment of the economic and financial viability of possible solutions. One of the renewable sources ​​of energy to be considered is hydroelectric power, due to the closeness of the project to the Bua and Dwangwa rivers. A final study shall include a financial analysis of available technical options, including capital and tariff rates. Mark Sumich, Globe’s CEO, stressed the “pleasure of working with Mota-Engil on the Kanyika Nobium Project”, stating that “they’ve had a long association with the Portuguese company in Malawi, where Mota-Engil has a significant presence.” In Malawi, Mota-Engil has more than 2000 employees, with operations following from the contract of the Mine of Kayelekera.