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PORTUGAL: MCGD registers positive accession of the employees

1 September 2011 No Comment

MCGD One month after closing the 2010 cycle and starting the 2011 cycle, a positive accession of the employees of Mota-Engil Engenharia has been registered with regard to the Performance Management Corporate Model (MCGD in Portuguese initials). Further to the meetings between managers and employees about the 2010 evaluation and the expectations for 2011, August data show that 64% of the processes of communication of the 2010 evaluation result are achieved, while defining the performance targets for 2011 is completed. Placed under the responsibility of the Performance, Brand and Communication Direction, the next step fits into the analysis the objectives consistency and aims at validating the objectives selected/defined by the appraiser, ensuring the alignment between the managing directions of the Company, as well as the alignment with the guidelines of the Model and the best practices for defining objectives.

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