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José Tabacão n. multi-skilled, committed

15 May 2011 No Comment

This might be a synonym for José Tabacão in any Portuguese dictionary. Those who deal closely with this 53 year old employee say that he employs commitment and dedication to its daily work in a remarkable and multi-skilled versatility. He is working at Mota-Engil Engenharia for 37 years, 20 of which as Foreman. “I started to work at 15 as formwork carpenter’s apprentice. One year later, I was already working as blacksmith’s apprentice. Then I worked continuously as 2nd Mason and 1st Mason until I completed the Foremen course”, explained José Tabacão, as the conversation flowed and the memories clearly arose. “The latest works of main activity that I made were the Stock Exchange and the Airport Cateringpor, both in Lisbon,” he recalls. For this employee of the Warranty Assistance Department, the difficulty of this type of works involves their entire requirement, “the pathologies that are submitted by customers and that require a lot of work, often under adverse conditions, with great pressure from the Client.” José Tabacão has done a bit of everything in the company, even Electrician, Driver/Operator and Welder. In the latter case, there have been some situations that required an immediate and effective solution. He has been working in works in warranty for 17 years and has no doubt that, “despite the problems have been declining, there is still much work that could and should be improved”, he added, pointing out the possible causes. “In some cases it may be the lack of care, but there are also situations where the rush to do well and quickly, due to the short time-limits for completion of some works, is the enemy of success.” Anomalies in Carpentry, Cracks, Leaks and Anomalies in Water Networks, Sanitation and Heating are some of the most frequent pathologies that the team to which he belongs has faced in the daily tasks. However, “there is nothing that cannot be solved with commitment, professionalism and experience, even when the problem is difficult to detect.” There is also the flip side, that is to say claims are not always under the responsibility of the Warranty, since the maintenance of the works should be respected by the client so that many of the pathologies would be avoided. In the mean time, for more sensitive customers, “I try to demonstrate that they can rely on our work, thus softening any source of tension that could be generated.” The result of our work can be found in the customer satisfaction, which reflects our professionalism and the way we deal with each problem, each pathology, “he concluded, before getting ready for another situation that needs to be addressed. Through all his history and dedication to the company, José Tabacão has not renounced to Education: after completing the ninth year in the “New Opportunities” programme, he is now attending the twelfth year. We may then add another characteristic in order to define this man: enterprising mind.