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INNOVATION: Vortal creates candidate for business social networking

1 September 2011 No Comment

VortalVortal is part of the world top five of leading technology in electronic contracting platforms, including the econstroi, used by Mota-Engil. Scheduled for October, the launch of this platform, which is intended to be the first “social network for business”, is the highlighted innovation in Exame magazine this month. Besides the three million euros investment, VortalNext has involved 90,000 hours of design, development and testing and also the involvement of 45 employees for two years. The new platform aims at serving one million users within five years. However, according to statements from the CEO of this Portuguese company, “the real revolution is the concept of the service itself. So far, we worked as a network of companies and made easier the exchanges between them. But we have become a social network of companies that will allow companies to interact, not only to sell and buy, but when there is any need for professional dialogue. And this dynamic will result in a reputation model, made through ratings resulting from the interaction on the platform. “