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Children Plant Strawberry Trees in Penafiel on Arbor Day

31 March 2011 No Comment

This initiative brings to a close this part of the activities launched during 2010, the International Year of Biodiversity. The project was held on the morning of the 21st of this month and included planting strawberry trees (adopted at the offices at Mota-Engil Engineering and supplied on International Mountain Day) in the private grounds of the Penafiel Quarry. In a joint project between the Department for Quality, Environment and Safety (DQAS – Mota-Engil Engineering’s Environment Sustainability Group), the Directorate of Aggregates, the Quarry of Penafiel and the Municipality of Cabeça Santa, seventy-one strawberry trees were planted by about fifty pupils from Cabeça Santa primary school Assento nº 1. Each plant received the name of a child and after having planted the strawberry trees the students were given free snacks and gifts related to the event. There was also a cake dedicated to the trees and everyone sung Happy Birthday. With this initiative Mota-Engil Engineering were also proud to launch International Forest Year in 2011. This event seeks to promote an initiative within the scope of the Memorandum of Understanding with ICNB, the Institute for Nature Conservation and Biodiversity; to increase the natural barriers of the quarry, thus minimising its environmental impacts (namely noise pollution and air quality); and to demonstrate to the local community the company’s involvement in environmental issues.