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ANGOLA: Kianda Bridge inaugurated and open to the public

15 June 2011 No Comment

It is part of the rehabilitation works of the Bay of Luanda and it was inaugurated and opened to the public on May 27. The Kianda Bridge is a road infrastructure that connects the shore of Luanda to the Cape Island and to Dr. Agostinho Neto Avenue. The President José Eduardo dos Santos and Ana Paula dos Santos, the First Lady, were present at the ceremony and travelled by car over the bridge. Several members of the Government of Angola and members of the Parliament were also present, as well as António Mota, chairman of the Board of Directors of Mota-Engil Group. The bridge was built in eight months by a consortium formed by Mota-Engil Engenharia and Soares da Costa and is regarded as a complex piece of engineering, given the sandy nature of the land, which meant that the foundations had reached 22 m depth because only then solid ground was found. These works were expected to cost 136 million dollars (about 94.4 million euros) and the infrastructure, with six lanes, three in each direction, is formed by two independent and prestressed half-platforms with an average height of 7 m. The construction method was shoring to the ground, with the three abutments and the 21 pillars of the platform based on indirect foundations, for a total of about 2328 m of 800 mm piles. The channel is about 40 m long and 17 m wide and it was developed through the execution of two pile walls, with 600 mm diameter secant piles, which will provide a connection between the Bay of Luanda and the Bay of Chicala. It should be noted that the rehabilitation of the Bay of Luanda started a year ago and is scheduled to be inaugurated in mid-2012.